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The latest technology of long glass fiber

The latest technology of long glass fiber

The  transition  from  short  to  long  glass  fibers  was  done  to  reduce  risk  assessment  for metal replacement. That is automotive NAFTA looking to replace metal in cars and reduce weight needed to have better physical properties than short glass fibers and this was to insure no failures in construction and in end use.

In the final analysis the trend in NAFTA and EU automotive is long glass fibers and not short glass unless the automotive people feel they can get away with short glass fibers and take a risk that they will not have impact failures. It's a gamble many are willing to make but when it happens they have to recall millions of cars! Its all in the RISK ASSESSMENT versus Price.

Against  above  situations,  KMI  recommends  30-50%  long  glass  fiber  PP,  40-60%  long glass fiber nylon and TPU as seen respectively the details of  "long glass fiber PP & Nylon" and "Long glass fiber TPU" in the product list.


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