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Endex 9900MB
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Endex 9900™

EndothermicChemical Foaming Agent AndProcess Aid

Endex 9900MB


Endothermic ChemicalFoaming Agent and Process Aid



Physical Form: Pellets



Active Ingredients: Acid andbase components



Process Temperatures:150– 260° C (300 - 500° F)



Gas Volume: 110cc/gram CO2




1.Endothermicdecomposition, can increase the fluidity and compatibility, reducecycle time,last long  life of the mold, and increasethe adhesion of paint to molded part.


2.Noneed to add nuclear agent and catalyst additive after adding this foamingagent.


3.Canspray paint directly on the plastic molded part with Endex 9900MB,withoutanysurface treatment, no need to wait 4 to 5 hours for painting, and can  improve the adhesion of 2 times.




Physiology:  All ingredients are GenerallyRecognized as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA



Standard Packaging: 25 KGcartons, or 500 KG boxes, 1000 LB boxes






Thisdata contains general information and describes typical properties only. It isoffered for use by persons qualified to determine for themselves the suitability of our products for particularpurposes. No guarantee is made or liability assumed, the  application of this data and the productsdescribes herein being at the sole risk of the user.

 Endex 9900™

EndothermicChemical Foaming Agent AndProcess Aid


n  Processing Notes:

The Endex 9900 series of endothermic chemical foaming agents (CFA) currently includes both Endex 9900 microgranular and Endex 9900 MB masterbatch grades. The unique chemistry of Endex 9900 makes it particularly suitable for use in processes which require a rapid development of available carbon dioxide gas. It combines the advantages of endothermic CFA with a gas evolution rate comparable to azodicarbonamide exothermic CFA.Both of Endex 9900 & Endex 9900MB are 100% active.


 n   Low Temperature Performance:

In PVC processing, where screws are relatively short (with typical L/D ratios of 18: to 1 or below) Endex9900 can replace exothermic CFA suchas azodicarbonamide (ADC), because the speed of gasevolutionissimilar to that of ADC. Endex 9900 has been successfully used in foamed PVC extrusion and co-extrusion, and injection-molded PVC.


n Versatility:

The Endex 9900 series is also being used in extrusionandinjection molding of many polymers, including PVC, HIPS, HDPE, HMWPE, PP, PA 6/6, MPPO, as a foaming agent and as a process aid.


Its rapid evolution of gas is particularly advantageous in injection molded foam processes where therelatively short screws of most molding machines limit the timeavailable to generate all the available gas. The speed of reaction and fast generation of supercritical CO2 gives it significant advantages over other,slower reacting endothermic CFA.


Endex 9900 microgranular gradeis also being used inrotational molding of foamed plastics, where its low temperature decomposition characteristics offer significant advantages over other endothermic CFA. It can be used in a single shot process or in two-shot processes and those using two polymers with different melt temperatures.


n Satety:

It is suitable for use in food contact applications and conforms to the requirements for foodcontactusein all jurisdictions, including FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe), and the European Union REACHRegulations.




This data contains generalinformation and describes typical properties only. It is offered for use bypersons qualified to determine for themselves the suitability of our productsfor particular purposes. No guarantee is made or liability assumed, theapplication of this data and the products describes herein being at the solerisk of the user. 


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