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Our expert Joseph Webster will make a speech in Functional Fillers for Plastics 2006 conference
Our expert Joseph Webster will attend Functional Fillers for Plastics 2006 conference to make a speech in Wyndham Midtown Atlanta - Atlanta, GA USA on September 27, 2006. The followings in red are the abstract of his speech. What he will mention in his speech is just one of his technologies for your reference.。  

Network with key industry leaders at Intertech-Pira's 14th international business development conference on functional fillers for plastics




Addressing the largest challenges manufacturers, distributors,engineers,chemists,marketers, and end users are facing when using and producing fillers for polymer systems.

September 25-27, 2006
Wyndham Midtown Atlanta - Atlanta, GA USA

Sponsored by:

Joel Zazyczny
Division VP, Marketing,
Sales & Business Development
Imerys Performance Minerals
Adam Galambos
VP Technology
Washington Penn Plastic

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Strategic Market Insights and Emerging Technologies

The global consumption of fillers used in plastics is estimated at nearly 11 million tons per year. Calcium carbonate maintains about 60 percent of the market, followed by glass, other mineral fillers and natural fibers. Filled polymers, led by PVC and polyolefin, will continue to fuel the growth in the polymer market, particularly in Asia where demand is growing at nearly 7 percent per year. Low cost and solid performance will allow glass fibers to remain the leading overall reinforcement material. Motor vehicle and construction will account for more than 60 percent of reinforced plastics use in 2009, although the growing demand for telecommunications and computing systems, along with other electrical and electronic products, will be the most significant growth driver in the reinforced plastics segment.
Continued improvements in technology and materials will enhance reinforcing and effect fillers in thermoplastics, thermosets, and elastomers. However, reinforced thermoplastic polyester and polycarbonate are expected to achieve the most significant growth. Improved aesthetics, greater design flexibilities, and new processing technologies are expected to bolster the reinforced thermoplastics market.

Intertech's Functional Fillers for Plastics conference has been the industry's leading forum for presenting creative solutions to problems facing the polymer composite industry, providing in-depth analysis of supply, demand, and growth opportunities for fourteen years. You'll learn about the latest technical advances in automotive, wire & cable, and other applications, as well as new developments in nanocomposites and surface treatments.
"Network with globally recognized suppliers and compounders using functional fillers."
J. Rosthauser, Sr. Principal Scientist, BAYER MATERIAL SCIENCE

By attending Functional Fillers for Plastics 2006, you will also have the opportunity to discuss and debate the latest market information and technical developments during our lively question and answer sessions following each presentation as well as during our panel discussion, enabling you to stretch your thinking as to where the new opportunities will be in the future.

Plan to join us in Atlanta this September for this important meeting!

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Functional Fillers

Who should attend Functional Fillers for Plastics 2006

- Marketing & sales leaders in plastics, particularly filler-reinforced composites
- Research & development directors and executives from plastics manufacturers, suppliers, and commercial application companies
- Presidents, CEOs, Vice Presidents, and other upper-level plastics, chemical, and mineral executives
- Compounders, moulders, processors, and specialists in polymer science
- Material and chemical producers, users, and manufacturers
- University R&D specialists
- Leading plastics equipment manufacturing engineers, buyers, and retailers
- Venture capitalists and investors

Also, mark your calendars for our other fillers event:

Fillers and Pigments in Paper Applications
September 28-29, 2006

being held in conjunction with Functional Fillers for Plastics

Fillers are an integral part of the papermaking process. The science behind this process can determine the quality and overall cost for the paper being manufactured and sold. Join us as we uncover new technical innovations and exciting new market opportunities!

Fillers and Pigments in Paper Applications is an excellent opportunity to benefit from 6 case studies from leading paper mills giving you the latest insights from end use applications. Hear from:

- Kruger
- Weyerhaeuser
- Abitibi Consolidated
- BTG Americas
- Harbor Paper Mill
- Catalyst Paper
You'll see how innovative filler use can keep your paper quality high and your costs low, an especially important topic for the US papermaking industry in today's tough market conditions.

The event will also cover:
- Market assessment of fillers in paper, global filler markets and price projections
- Filler technology and the papermaking process including improving retention
- Latest developments in novel new fillers including mill trail results for functional fillers
-The relationship between Fillers and product Performance

Fillers and Pigments in Paper Applications promises a comprehensive assessment of the latest technical breakthroughs and market trends giving you the information you need to progress your research and development.

This conference will take place alongside Functional Fillers 2006. Why not get a better value for your travel spend and attend both? Get all the industry knowledge and networking opportunities offered by these two key events - but only one set of travel costs.

PLUS! Take advantage of great savings when you book both conferences together.
To find out more please contact Ciaran Little on +1 207 781 9606 or

Pre-Conference Seminars
Monday, September 25

1 Discovery & Innovation: Ingredients for Sustained Business Growth 8:30am
It is a well-known fact that premier companies owe their success to "Innovation" as one of the key contributing factors. Over the last 3 decades or so, while certain industries like information technology and biotechnology have continued to demonstrate innovation, the maturing chemical & plastics industry has not. Although breakthrough innovations may be slow to emerge in the chemicals & plastics area, there is always a possibility of identifying new concepts that lead to novel products and knowledge-base that, in turn, lead to sustained business growth. Several case histories will be presented where scientific discoveries in the area of additives & polymers were spotted that led to new technologies and business growth. Emphasis will be on the behaviors & attributes on the part of individuals and of management that promote the likelihood of discoveries and innovations.
This seminar will address these challenges and put forth possible solutions.

Instructor: Dr. Yash P. Khanna is a manager for polymers R&D at Imerys Performance Minerals, Roswell, GA. Prior to joining Imerys, he was a manager of reinforced engineering thermoplastics program at Rayonier (2001-2004) and a research group leader / senior principal scientist at AlliedSignal, now Honeywell (1975-2001) in Morristown, NJ. A highpoint of Dr. Khanna's career has been in identifying several new concepts in those polymers that had been around for 40-60 years. Yash is credited with over 120 research publications, 21 US Patents, and Society of Plastics Engineers 2001 International "Engineering/Technology" award.

2 Polymer Nanocomposites: Introducation, Processing, Characterization, and Applications 1:30 pm
The introduction of inorganic nanomaterials as additives into polymer matrix systems has resulted in polymer nanocomposites exhibiting multi-functional, high performance polymer characteristics beyond what traditional polymer composites possess. Multi-functional features attributable to polymer nanocomposites consist of improved thermal resistance, flame resistance, moisture resistance, decreased permeability, charge dissipation, and chemical resistance. Through manipulation of the additive at the nanoscale level, one is able to maximize property enhancement of selected polymer systems to meet or exceed the requirements of current military, aerospace, and commercial applications. Selective thermosets, thermoplastics, and elastomers have been used with montmorillonite organoclays, nanosilicas, carbon nanofibers (CNFs), Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes (POSS™), nano-silicon carbide (particles and whiskers), and carbon nanotubes (multiwall carbon nanotubes, small diameter carbon nanotubes, and single wall carbon nanotubes) to solve specific government and industry problems. Key topics to be discussed:
- An overview of nanoparticles
- Selection resin matrix and nanoparticles for applications
- Processing of nanomaterials
- Characterization of polymer nanomaterials
- Properties of polymer nanostructured materials
- Polymer nanostructured materials for high-temperature applications
- Current status, trends, future directions, and opportunities

Instructor: Dr. Joseph Koo is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin in the Texas Materials Institute. He received his Sc.D. at George Washington University, his M.S. from Pennsylvania State University and his B.S. from the University of Washington, all in Mechanical Engineering.

September 25-27, 2006
Conference Agenda
Monday, September 25

Pre-Conference Seminar 1: (Additional fee required)
Discovery & Innovation:Ingredients for Sustained Business Growth
Pre-Conference Seminar 2: (Additional fee required)
Polymer Nanocomposites: Introducation, Processing, Characterization, and Applications
Registration & Reception
Check-in for the conference and join fellow participants for a complimentary wine and cheese reception.


Tuesday, September 26

Registration & Coffee
Enjoy a continental breakfast & informal discussion with your colleagues
Welcome & Co-Chair Introduction
PETER CHEESMAN - Intertech-Pira
ADAM GALAMBOS - Washington Penn Plastics
JOEL ZAZYCZNY- Imerys Performance Materials
Wollastonite: Legacy in Reinforcement
-How wollastonite got to be where it is today in plastics
Sara M Robinson, Marketing Manager – Minerals R T VANDERBILT CO
The Emerging New Product Technologies & their End-Use Applications of Novel PP Compounds
Deen Chundury, Technical Director
Filled & Reinforced Plastics Division
Refreshment Break
Automotive Materials for the Future
Peter Frise, Scientific Director and CEO, AUTO21 Professor, UNIVERSITY OF WINDSOR

Morphology Controlled Nano Boehmite
-Derivatives - Gamma alumina
-Boehmite in polymers (nylon case study)
Doruk Yener(人名), Research Associate


Roundtable Luncheon

Visit our website: www.intertec
Wyndham Midtown Atlanta - Atlanta, GA USA

Rheological Study of Particle Packing in
Unsaturated Polyester Resin Loaded with Alumina Trihydrate
Gary Rex, Thermoset Manager
The Perception of Metallic Stearates in Polypropylene as Acid Acceptors
- Historic use of metallic stearates as internal and external lubricants
- Approval for these materials as a means of controlling corrosion
- Third, fourth and fifth generation catalyst changes in the use of metallic stearates
- Lack of proper and timely evaluation of these diverse acid acceptors
- Intended to shed light on the complex nature of metallic stearates and how changes in manufacturing and chemistry affect performance of the final product Joseph Webster, President

New Methods for Evaluation of the Aspect Ratio of Lamellar/Acicular Mineral Particles
Emílio Marcus de Castro Lobato, Technical and Marketing Manager - Minerals Division MAGNESITA, S.A.
Refreshment Break
Non-halogen Flame Retardant Polyolefins Containing Magnesium Hydroxide - Effect of Synergistic Fillers on Compound Performance
Alex Isarov, Senior Research Scientist with Tong Chen & Bob Baker,JM HUBER
Leaders discuss key challenges occuring in the fillers for plastic industry
Conference Adjourns for the Day
Cocktail Reception
meet with speakers and fellow attendees over cocktails and hors d’oeuvres during this reception.

Wednesday, September 27

Mid-conference Summary and Announcements

Novel Functionalization Routes for Nanoclays
-Modification of cationic and anionic nanoclays with ionic liquids by ion exchange; intercalation vs. surface modification
-Versatility of ionic liquids as modifiers by tailoring the structures of the corresponding cations and anions
-Examples of potential applications of montmorillonites and hydrotalcites modified with ionic liquids: nanocomposites, corrosion resistant coatings, pharmaceutical, medicinal applications
-Functionalization with other suitable ionic species and potential applications


Thermoplastic Nanocomposites (Mainly PP-Based) and Particulate Composites in General and Nanometric Calcium Carbonate and Nanoclays
Monica Celotto, Consultant, ELECTROLUX HOME PRODUCTS
Developments in Ti02 for Plastics
Philipp Niedenzu, Product Development Specialist,DUPONT TITANIUM TECHNOLOGY
Refreshment Break
Plastic Composites for Electronic Packaging
-Electronic packaging overview
-Advantages of plastics
-Designing plastics to meet industry needs
-Plastics for chip, hard disk drive, wafer and carriers
-Plastics for chip, HGA, FOF carriers
-Controlling ESD and antistatic properties through material solutions
-Future directions
Jay Amarasekera, Technology Manager, Larry Lucco, Senior Technologist GE PLASTICS
Boron Nitride as a Thermal Conductive Filler for Polymers
Paul Hans, Application Development Engineer, Ceramic Powders & Shapes, GE INDUSTRIAL, ADVANCED MATERIALS
Conductive Carbons for Plastics Applications
Satya Kothiyal, Director, Global Marketing, Industrial Carbon Blacks,COLUMBIAN CHEMICALS CO.
Roundtable Luncheon
Achieving Tailored Resistivity in Isotropic Blends with Carbon Fiber
Chad Miller, Technical Director, MTLS INTERNATIONAL, INC.
Strategies for Manipulating Nanostructured Thin Films
Karim Alamgir, Group Leader for Nanostructured Materials, Polymer Division
Application of Novel Glass Microspheres in Injection Molded and Extruded Plastics
-Development history of new products
-Need, by markets, for these products
-Application areas
-Performance data and physical properties of plastic systems containing novel glass microspheres
Steve Amos, Sr. Product Development Specialist 3M
Conference Summary and Closing Remarks

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Atlanta, Georgia

Experience a slice of Atlanta's best at the Wyndham Midtown Atlanta. An intimate property in a diverse, in-town neighborhood, the hotel is surrounded by centers for business, entertainment, dining and the arts. From the hotel's convenient location, you can walk throughout the Midtown business district and to a host of great Atlanta attractions and area restaurants, including the recently expanded High Museum of Art, Margaret Mitchell House and Gone with the Wind Museum, plus 160-acre piedmont Park. The Midtown MARTA Station is just a block from the hotel for direct rail access to Atlanta Airport, and the downtown convention center district.

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Hotel Information A limited number of discounted rooms has been reserved for attendees who make reservations by September 7th. Please contact the hotel directly and be sure to mention you are attending Intertech’s Fillers Conference to get the discounted rate of $130. Registrants are responsible for making their own hotel and travel reservations. Contact the hotel at:

Wyndham Midtown Atlanta 125 10th Street NE Corner of Peachtree St & 10th Atlanta, Georgia 30309 USA, Phone:404-873-4800

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September 25-27, 2006
Wyndham Midtown Atlanta
Atlanta, GA USA

Key deliverables for you and your team

-Gather, analyze and apply actionable data that will put you at the forefront of the Fillers for plastics industry.
-Get the latest breakthroughs on the development of nanocomposites and nanofillers
-Interact with the industry's leaders at any of 10 networking functions while viewing the most recent technological breakthroughs in the exhibit area.
-Plus! Don’t miss either preconference seminar: Discovery & Innovation: Ingredients for Sustained Business Growth or Polymer Nanocomposites: Introduction, Processing,Characterization, and Applications

What your colleagues said about last year’s event...
“Everyone is looking for an edge in the market and for functional fillers, and this conference has provided a great basis for sustainable competitive advantages.”

S. Faehner, Business Development Director, AMERICAN WOOD FIBERS

“An excellent snapshot of the state-of-the-art.” D. Skuse, Senior Scientist, IMERYS

“Excellent opportunity for me to be with colleagues and prospective customers in a relaxed environment.”
S. Mealey, Technical Service Specialist, DOW CORNING

“This is an excellent opportunity for anyone dealing with filled plastics systems to interact with experts in the field."
S. Wasserman, Senior Global Research Leader, DOW CHEMICAL

"The well-designed conference enables effective industry networking and knowledge sharing and exchange."
T. Chen, Technology Manager, JM HUBER

"An excellent forum to learn and exchange ideas, technology and pleasantry with members of the filler industry."
D. LaCaprara, Account Manager, GE ADVANCED MATERIALS

"Excellent opportunity to hear the latest developments by leaders in the industry."
F. Cangelosi, Manager, Functional Fillers and Extenders, UNIMIN

Key Contributions By:
Columbian Chemicals Co.
Dupont Titanium Co.
Electrolux Home Products
GE Advanced Materials
GE Plastics
Imerys Performance Minerals
JM Huber
Magnesita, S.A
MTLS International, Inc.
Polymer Processing Institute
R T Vanderbilt Co.
Stabilization Technologies
Texas Materials Institute
Washington Penn Plastic

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